• Sydney Phillips

The Tech Revolution

We are living in one of the most innovative and exciting times in the world. We are creating, disrupting and accepting change at a rate far faster than ever before. Those who choose art, music, writing and creative fields have the same opportunities for success that those who love Excel, quantum computing and geek out at a fast processor.

We are quite literally at the beginning stages of a technological revolution. Are you ready?

Most people would probably answer ‘No.’ Let me take you through a fast walk of some of the words that you will start to notice in the world around you. In one year, if you don’t know what these words mean, you will be left behind. Watch them. Read them. When you can, help them to deliver these processes seamlessly. Invent around them. Let’s jump in!

The first is Artificial Intelligence. This refers to the computer systems that have been built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as recognizing pictures, speech, patterns and decision making. Here’s the catch: it does all of these things faster than humans can. When we refer to automation, we are more often referring to AI. Automation, or AI could eliminate 73 million more jobs by 2030, and before you freak out, they will actually raise the standards of living across the world. An entire new set of skills will be available like development, programming, testing, support and maintenance.

The second shift is Machine Learning. This is a subset of AI. We use machine learning for data analytics, data mining and recognizing patterns. Machine learning jobs include engineers, developers, researchers and data scientists. Machine learning, much like AI, completes tasks on our behalf, which can improve our efficiency so we can focus on more pressing issues that demand our time.

The third is Augmented and Virtual Reality. I am undoubtedly biased here, but augmented and virtual reality will be similar to the disruption of the cell phone. The products will be lightweight, sleek, futuristic, and ultimately will transform the environment and the ways in which we communicate. Virtual reality and Augmented reality are a little different. Virtual reality immerses the user in an environment while augmented reality enhances the environment with a digital overlay. AR and VR have tremendous potential in training, entertainment, education, marketing and even rehabilitation after an injury. Augmented and virtual reality will change your environment and the ways in which we interact with it. Marketing campaigns will be an experience, real estate will become life-like, the potential is far and wide and effects almost every industry you could think of.

There are plenty more advances that are noteworthy of the tech revolution, but we will save them for another day. One thing that I feel is so important to highlight here is that the world is abundant. While there may have only been a couple of moguls like Carnegie, Ford, and Vanderbilt in the industrial revolution, this next revolution will have space for every single person that wants it. Our world has more problems than we can solve, but each problem is an opportunity. Start solving.