• Sydney Phillips

Preparing for Productivity

Preparing yourself for a productive day can sometimes feel unproductive in itself. You’re a time conscious, goal crushing being just trying to seize the day. Knowing what to focus on in the moment for the future is a category of puzzling questions, and entire category of books have been wrote addressing these same topics. In this podcast, we will talk about how to plan and prepare for productivity with 5 easy things you can use to keep yourself on track.

The first step is to create 2 – 3 goals for the month. To avoid overwhelming yourself with a gruesome to-do list, choose just a few things that you will focus on for the month. It’s important to incredibly clear and specific about these goals. The more detailed that you are, the easier it will be to set your goals. For example: don’t just say “I want to make more money” ... replace it with a “I want to bring in an additional $5,000 a month of income from my jewelry side hustle”

The second step to prepare for productivity is to create a schedule. It’s widely said that “the key to success is through your habits.” Some even go as far to say “Show me your habits, and I’ll show you your future.” Breaking down what your goal looks like day to day or even week to week is a great way to pencil in the habits that will contribute to your success. Map out your days by creating a schedule and implementing a task to complete that is associated with your goal.

The third step to plan for productivity is to rid yourself of distractions. This requires a lot of honesty about yourself to yourself. What has your attention that shouldn’t? Make a list of all of the things that distract you on a daily basis and then find a way to get rid of those distractions. Time is very important, and we don’t want to waste it by getting distracted with a twitter notification or the ding of a text message every 5 minutes.

The fourth step to preparing for productivity is accountability. Support is always a blessing when it comes to our goals. Finding like-minded people can take a while but, join clubs in your interests and stay in contact with the people you meet. There are certain people that you know you can share ideas with and they will give you honest feedback, spark new conversations or tell you something that you may have overlooked. Having a sense of community and implementing this feedback loop into your productive process will skyrocket you ahead of your competition.

The fifth and final step to preparing and planning productivity is to be positive. The process isn’t always fun. Sometimes you just won’t be in the mood or you will want to give up. It’s okay to rest, but don’t give up. Falling a little short is always better than not trying at all. If you consider redefining ‘failure’ as not trying rather than not succeeding, you will be far more optimistic and excited about the goals you set rather than letting the negative self-talk get in the way of your goals.

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