• Sydney Phillips

5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Your Life

Augmented Reality first got its claim to fame with the release of Pokemon Go. Part of the reason this technology is so desirable is its incredible accessibility. What’s the one thing that you wouldn’t dare to leave the house without? Your phone. Tech companies aren’t the only ones that know this. Augmented Reality is going to completely change the ways in which we interact with our environment.

The first way is through education. The ways that we teach are dated and past the stage of adoration for “old-school.” Augmented reality can help educators to create interactive experiences. Rather than reading from a textbook about chemical reactions, students will be able to use their phones to hover over the page and witness the explosion, watch the molecules move and more.

The second way is through retail shopping. Retailers have started to use augmented reality in their stores. With the increase of online shopping, retail has to be an experience to entice customers to come into the store. One of the most common use cases is using it to suggest other items to complete a look. This is certainly not going away anytime soon. Several retail shoppers have already started to use this method to engage customer and have tremendous success. As the new generations of individuals would rather spend money on experiences than items, retailers have found ways to make material items an experience, proving themselves worthy of longevity.

The third way is through navigation. Augmented reality can be used to navigate from within a building as well. Your calendar will sync to an AR interface that will point you to the elevators, to the correct floor, and then walk you to the direct office for your meeting. Convenience is king and on-site property organizers will quickly disappear. But, how does this effect office work? Well, like many other emerging technologies, it allows you to use your resources more efficiently.

The fourth way is through health care. Augmented surgery will become a new norm – imagine bring able to conduct surgery with the confidence and digital overlay of augmented reality. This will help to prevent errors in stressful and detailed times. Additionally, augmented diagnosis can help a doctor to accurate diagnose their patient. There are a number of augmented reality companies to help nurses find where a patient’s vein is. This is incredibly helpful to speed up the process of diagnosis and the accuracy that the doctor can diagnose.

The fifth way is through real estate. Augmented reality will change the way real estate is bought, sold, and interacted with. Let’s begin with the process of finding and selecting the property of your future home. Augmented reality can create a virtual walk through of the property before you even have to visit. This saves the buyer time and money and does the same for the property manager. In addition to using augmented reality for the selling and buying of homes, it can also be used in offices, hotels and apartment complexes to create a young and vibrant interactive community.

Augmented reality will change our world – regardless of industry. The key to being ready for the change is to be adaptive and nimble with the new technology!

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