Sydney is a real estate, tech and social entrepreneur on a mission to push humanity forward. She has built five successful companies at the mere age of twenty-one. As one reporter put it, "Her magnetic personality, killer work-ethic, and unapologetic self-promotion propel her with dashing speed towards a success that is unconfined by the lanes of industry." She's the host of The Pink Suit Podcast, a children's book author, a passionate futurist, a public speaker and this year's Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

This story is just getting started. 

commercial real estate

In a story unlike any other, Sydney began learning the ins and outs of commercial real estate after her life changed unexpectedly at the age of fourteen. In the depths of grief after losing her father, Sydney experienced an overnight sense of duty, honor, and legacy that drove this teenager to learn and build her name in the industry, all while still in high school and through her college years. 

She's built two successful and growing commercial real estate companies specializing in retail. In January of 2020, she added 'commercial real estate developer' to her portfolio, in a development project building the next generation of office, multi-family, hotel, and retail in the heart of Kansas City. 


Zukurri & AR/VR 

In June of 2020, Sydney started Zukurri through her own frustrations with the lack of speed in the real estate industry. She realized in both built and under development properties, the lack of visualization was paralyzing to the process, for numerous players in the industry.  


Real estate agents and commercial real estate developers alike are changing the status quo through Zukurri's powerful visualization that allows them to communicate, market, and sell - better, faster, and smarter. The company has received national attention for its revolutionary technology that encompasses augmented and virtual reality coupled with artificial intelligence. 

speaking inquiries

Sydney is available for in-person keynotes and online webinar addresses. 

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Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Sydney's List 

To take action, we must have the knowledge to do so confidently. Each of the books below has been important to my journey and growth. 

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daring greatly investments

Her mission to 'push humanity forward' drives every decision of her life. In fierce pursuit of this mission, a capital firm investing in women, LGBTQ+, and minority founders, Daring Greatly, was brought to life.


In one interview, when asked about her why behind Daring Greatly, Sydney put it blatantly. "Sitting back and letting the world work out the biggest issues is just not my style. Everyone deserve an opportunity, and that's what we're giving them."