Sydney Phillips

Sydney is a real estate, tech & social entrepreneur with a mission to push humanity forward. She began her journey in commercial real estate at the age of fourteen and is now a real estate investor and developer building the future. Sydney founded Daring Greatly, an investment fund for women, LGBTQ+, and minority founders in their entrepreneurial ventures.  This rising real estate mogul is an emerging tech geek and futurist at heart. Her passion led her to start Zukurri, a disruptive spatial computing company deploying augmented reality to unbuilt real estate environments. She's passionate about building a future as it relates to AR/VR, 3D Printing, transhumanism, space exploration and interplanetary habitation, robotics, AI, blockchain, and quantum computing. She's the host of The Pink Suit Podcast, a children's book author, a public speaker and this years Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Commercial Real Estate

Creating the Future

Sydney began learning and ins and outs of commercial real estate after her life changed unexpectedly at the age of fourteen. With her face in the mud, she immersed herself to learn as much as possible as fast as possible.

Flash forward to today and Sydney is a commercial real estate investor and developer because investing in the future wasn't enough, so she had to start building it. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Revolutionizing Real Estate

Sydney is revolutionizing the real estate experience by allowing developers, investors, tenants, and the community to view unbuilt spaces in their full capacity.

Visualization of Product

Feedback & Collaboration

Broaden your Customer Scope

Save Time

& Resources

Speaking Engagements

Sydney is available for in-person keynotes and online webinar addresses.

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Check out Sydney's latest guest appearances and publications

Twenties In Twenty

We talk about making a plan and ditching it, being excited about Monday instead of Friday & my atypical personal life.

Spill The Milk Podcast

We dived into personal life, relationships and the balancing act that we all call life.


We talked about never being the smartest person in the room, filling your life with friends who are different than you, and the hard stories that make us successful and give us drive.

Twenty Something Trials

We talk about owning being the only girl in the room & having pure authenticity in your life.

It Ain't It Sis Podcast Guest

We delved into Big Sunglass Energy & owning your masculine and feminine energy.

The Girl Guide Podcast

We talked about different versions of success, hanging up the phone on fear & taking the steps to lead an extraordinary life.

Two Confused Adults

We got down to business about adaptability, wearing twenty hats at the same time & creating more than you consume.

Twenty Fun

We talk about tackling timelines, FOMO, and ending the comparison game.

The Self-Made Podcast

Coming Soon!

Generation Now

We talked about entrepreneurship, women and diversity in business and public speaking!

Featured Publications

Sydney has made headlines around the world with her continuously inspiring and raw story. 

The Lieu

A company providing access to premium grooming and fem-care products for women in the workplace.


A blood testing device for early diagnosis of cancer and treatment monitoring.

Soar Robotics

A cloud-connected robotic intelligence platform for drones.


A personal wellness advice through at-home urine sample analysis.

Angel Investing Group 

A capital firm that supports women, LGBTQ and minority founded entrepreneurial ventures.

Sitting back and letting world work out the biggest issues has never been her style.  When she dares to dream of the future, Sydney wants to see businesses and wealth representing our communities equally. In an effort to help shape the future, she wants to be a cheerleader for startup ventures that are bound for success, which you'll find in the portfolio below.


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